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Financing A House FAQ
Are you thinking about purchasing a house? Chances are you'll need a loan. There's important information you should know about obtaining a home loan. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has information on its website to help guide you through the process. Here are some frequently ... Read more

Real Estate Home Shopping and Offer to Purchase FAQ
Is purchasing a home that has a home warranty a good idea? My offer has been turned down even though I can afford, and offered, the asking price. Am I being discriminated against? Our home was newly constructed, but it seems we've bought a lemon rather than our dream home. Should I work with a real estate ... Read more

Selling a Home FAQ
Can I stay in the house longer than the date stated on the purchase agreement? Do I have to accept an offer made on my home? I think I can get a higher price for my home than the offer I accepted. Can I back out of the deal? I've decided I want to take some items in the house that were originally to ... Read more

Property Assessments: What Homeowners Need to Know
Homeowners should check the rules of their particular county for the rules regarding property assessment. In general, a homeowner needs to know: How is my property assessed or reassessed? Most states and counties have rules about when property values should be reassessed. Some states are on a specific ... Read more

RESPA Reforms to Take Effect
If you’ve ever purchased a home or participated in a real estate closing, most likely you were overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork involved. You may have been even more dismayed with the extra costs involved. Between the costs for attorneys’, brokers, title companies and lenders, real estate ... Read more

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The landlord is whoever signs the contract.  The owner of the property may have a property manager, or management company leasing the property.  You are entitled to know the ownership of the ...Read more

Go to your local zoning office and ask about what needs to be done.  They wll help you.  However, I would be careful about doing this because it is very difficult, if not impossible, to undo ...Read more

The real estate will probably need to be held by you as a guardian ad litem for the estate.  You need to get in contact with the executor or admininstrator of the estate, and have the property pu ...Read more

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Residential “Short Term” Rentals

The term “Short Term Rentals” is used to define a residential leasing, which has various definitions of time but is generally less than ninety (90) days.  The term has become synonymo ... Read more

Eviction Notices Required for the Holdover Tenant in Texas

In Texas, a landlord is sometimes faced with a tenant who "holds over" after the expiration of the lease term. In such event, the landlord wishing to regain possession of the leased premises ... Read more

Working Together to Close on Your Home

Closing on a home can feel like a daunting task.  You may work with a realtor, an inspector, a surveyor, a banker, a title insurance agent, an insurance agent, and perhaps several other individua ... Read more

How Important Is a House Inspection?

Purchasing a house is the largest investment many of us will ever make in our lives.  We will save tens of thousands of dollars and borrow hundreds of thousands more.  We will likely live in ... Read more

New Home Buying Regulations Are In Effect

Following the housing market crises and Great Recession, the government made sweeping changes to housing and finance regulations.  Beginning on October 3, 2015, all new residential house purchase ... Read more

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