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Property Assessments: What Homeowners Need to Know
Homeowners should check the rules of their particular county for the rules regarding property assessment. In general, a homeowner needs to know: How is my property assessed or reassessed? Most states and counties have rules about when property values should be reassessed. Some states are on a specific ... Read more

RESPA Reforms to Take Effect
If you’ve ever purchased a home or participated in a real estate closing, most likely you were overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork involved. You may have been even more dismayed with the extra costs involved. Between the costs for attorneys’, brokers, title companies and lenders, real estate ... Read more

Feds Consider Home Finance Reform
  The Obama Administration will present Congress with a plan by January 2011 to reform the nation's home financing system Restructuring or replacing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be part of the plan Critics urge a more balanced housing policy that puts less emphasis on homeownership and better supports ... Read more

Home Inspections are Good for Buyers & Sellers
Buying and selling a home has always been a big deal for both sides of the transaction. On one end, it's the single biggest investment most buyers will ever make. For sellers, it's a matter of making money on their investments and, usually it has to happen before they can buy another home. When the economy ... Read more

No Shortage of Home Buying Options, or Risks
Hiring a real estate broker or searching the newspaper ads or real estate magazines are some of the common and traditional ways buyers look for real estate and homes. There are many other options, though. Many aren't new, but they're becoming increasingly popular as the US economy and housing market ... Read more

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Steps to Avoid Bankruptcy in Texas

Bankruptcy may sound like a simple solution to financial strife, but it’s not the best choice for everyone, and it should be the last resort for anyone.  There may be better ways to deal wi ... Read more

Avoiding the Tax Man's Revenge

By Brad Weiss and Kimberly MacCumbeeTaxes! Everybody hates them. And as a professional who spent years in school earning your credentials, you have more reasons to hate them than most. You didn’ ... Read more

How to Sell Your Home

Once upon a time, the real estate market was simple. Potential purchasers looked at homes, found one they liked, made an offer, got a mortgage and completed the purchase. In some parts of the countr ... Read more

Demystifying the Law: Buying Your First Home

Industry reports this week showed that US housing prices dropped again in December. If you can afford it, you might think about buying a home. Real estate is probably the largest investment you'll m ... Read more

What is Mediation?

Mediation is "negotiation through an intermediary. " Two or more parties meet with a neutral third party, who guides the negotiation process.  This neutral party advises and listens to ... Read more

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