Real Estate

State Real Property Codes & Statutes Websites

Each state has its own set of laws or statutes dealing with real estate matters, covering everything from buying and selling it, to how and when it can be divided, to settling disputes over who actually owns it. Use the links below to access your state's real property code or statutes.

States Beginning with the Letter

- A through D
- F through I
- K through M
- N through O
- P through T
- U through W

A through D

- Alabama Property Code Select Title 35
- Alaska Property Statutes
- Arizona Property Code
- Arkansas Property Code See Title 18
- California Property Code Scroll to Division 2
- Colorado Property Code
- Connecticut Land and Land Title Codes
- Delaware Property Code
- District of Columbia Real Property Codes Scroll to Title VII

F through I

- Florida Real Property Codes
- Georgia Property Code See Title 44
- Hawaii Property Codes
- Idaho Property Statutes Title 55
- Illinois Real Property Statutes
- Indiana Property Code
- Iowa Property Statutes Scroll to Real Property

K through M

- Kansas Property Statutes Chapter 58
- Kentucky Property Statutes
- Louisiana Property Statutes Title 9 - Beginning at RS9:2941
- Maine Property Statutes
- Maryland Property Statutes Click on Maryland Code then Real Property
- Massachusetts Real Property Statutes
- Michigan Real Property Statutes see chapters 544-570
- Minnesota Property Statutes
- Mississippi Property Codes
- Missouri Property Statutes
- Montana Property Statutes

N through O

- Nebraska Property Statutes Click on Statutes and then Real Estate
- Nevada Property Statutes Select Title 10 - Property Rights and Transactions
- New Hampshire Conveyances and Mortgages of Realty Statutes
- New Jersey Property Statutes Title 46
- New Mexico Property Statutes
- New York Real Property Scroll down and select RPP
- North Carolina Property Statutes Chapters 47A- 47F and 116A-116B
- North Dakota Property Statutes
- Ohio Real Property Statutes Title 53
- Oklahoma Property Statutes
- Oregon Property Statutes Chapters 90-129

P through T

- Pennsylvania Real Property Statutes Scroll to Title 68
- Rhode Island Property Statutes
- South Carolina Property Statutes
- South Dakota Property Statutes Title 43
- Tennessee Property Statutes Title 66
- Texas Real Property Code Click on Texas Statutes then scroll to Property Code

U through W

- Utah Property Statutes
- Vermont Property Statutes
- Virginia Property Statutes
- Washington Property Code Titles 61 & 64
- West Virginia Property Statutes Chapter 37
- Wisconsin Property Statutes Chapters 701-710
- Wyoming Property Statutes Title 34

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