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NY Attorney General Says Better Treatment for Tenants
In New York, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo finally brought down one of the city's most controversial landlords, Vantage Properties. Who Is Vantage Properties? Vantage Properties was founded in 2005. They have emerged as one of New York's leading investors in residential and retail properties. Today, ... READ MORE

US Landlords Settle Lead Paint Lawsuit
The US recently settled a lawsuit charging two Michigan landlords with failing to their tell tenants about dangerously high levels of lead in their rented homes. Federal law, as well as the laws in most states, have strict legal requirements on property owners and lead in any form on their property. ... READ MORE

The Eviction Process and Tenants' Rights
A landlord who fails to follow specific state eviction rules and procedures may lose an eviction lawsuit. In addition, state laws give tenants specific rights to fight an eviction based on illegal landlord behavior, such as terminating a tenancy for a retaliatory reason. ... READ MORE

State Real Property Codes & Statutes Websites
Each state has its own set of laws or statutes dealing with real estate matters, covering everything from buying and selling it, to how and when it can be divided, to settling disputes over who actually owns it. Use the links below to access your state's real property code or statutes. States Beginning ... READ MORE

Tenants' Remedies in Disputes with Landlords
It's not uncommon for landlord and tenants to have disputes periodically about things like an unsafe condition on the premises, like rotten wood in the stairwell, or some other needed repair, like a furnace that won't maintain a comfortable and stable temperature in the winter. Quite often, you're able ... READ MORE

Tenant's Duties
With a leasing arrangement, a tenant has certain duties and liabilities with regard to the relationship with the landlord. The tenant is generally responsible for the areas under his control and the safety of his or her visitors. However, the tenant has no duties with regards to structural defect hazards, ... READ MORE

The Right to Privacy
Tenants expect that their privacy will be honored. Landlords respect this, but they also expect that there are times that they should be able to enter and inspect the property they own.A tenant's right to privacy isn't always black-and-white. The rules can change from state to state. In some jurisdictions, ... READ MORE

What to Expect from Your Landlord
When you're renting a home, you might not be thinking about your privacy rights and landlord access to your rental. Maybe the issue doesn't come up until you're seeing too much of your landlord, leasing agent or maintenance workers. Know the rights on both sides, and lease terms to look for before you ... READ MORE

Rent and Rent Control
In just about any lease, some of the most important parts are the rent provisions. The payment of rent is critical to both the landlord and tenant: it's what the tenant has to pay for the right and privilege to use the property, and it's what the landlord charges to cover things like the costs of maintaining ... READ MORE

Renting and Housing Discrimination Laws
There are many valid reasons for a landlord to reject a potential tenant, such as poor credit, unstable job history or negative references from past landlords. However, several federal, state and local laws make certain kinds of housing discrimination illegal. Landlords and tenants should know what kinds ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Landlord And Tenant Case From a Local Attorney

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