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NY Attorney General Says Better Treatment for Tenants
In New York, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo finally brought down one of the city's most controversial landlords, Vantage Properties. Who Is Vantage Properties? Vantage Properties was founded in 2005. They have emerged as one of New York's leading investors in residential and retail properties. Today, ... Read more

US Landlords Settle Lead Paint Lawsuit
The US recently settled a lawsuit charging two Michigan landlords with failing to their tell tenants about dangerously high levels of lead in their rented homes. Federal law, as well as the laws in most states, have strict legal requirements on property owners and lead in any form on their property. ... Read more

State Real Property Codes & Statutes Websites
Each state has its own set of laws or statutes dealing with real estate matters, covering everything from buying and selling it, to how and when it can be divided, to settling disputes over who actually owns it. Use the links below to access your state's real property code or statutes. States Beginning ... Read more

Tenants' Remedies in Disputes with Landlords
It's not uncommon for landlord and tenants to have disputes periodically about things like an unsafe condition on the premises, like rotten wood in the stairwell, or some other needed repair, like a furnace that won't maintain a comfortable and stable temperature in the winter. Quite often, you're able ... Read more

Tenant's Duties
With a leasing arrangement, a tenant has certain duties and liabilities with regard to the relationship with the landlord. The tenant is generally responsible for the areas under his control and the safety of his or her visitors. However, the tenant has no duties with regards to structural defect hazards, ... Read more

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I wrote you a nice long answer, but this website is not working, and the support department is closed for the holiday until Monday. I got a 404 error message. Please call me at 510-286-2200. I apolog ...Read more

Your biggest problem is that they may claim to have signed it. How do you prove they did not? Good Luck.

Please do NOT use a deed. What you need is a durable power of attorney. The state legislature has enacted two, one for financial decisions and one for healthcare decisions. The financial one lets the ...Read more

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A Common Question I Receive is "What are the rights of the decedent's surviving family?"

The Florida Bar states: "The decedent’s surviving spouse and children may be entitled to receive probate assets from the decedent’s probate estate, even if the decedent’s will g ... Read more

Working Together to Close on Your Home

Closing on a home can feel like a daunting task.  You may work with a realtor, an inspector, a surveyor, a banker, a title insurance agent, an insurance agent, and perhaps several other individua ... Read more


The commercial real estate giant of Cushman & Wakefield is being sued for $40 million by a former female executive who claims the company discriminated against her on the basis of hergender and ag ... Read more

Termites and Moisture Damage: Not "If" but When

I have heard more real estate agents use this phrase than I can remember when referring to whether a house will get a termite infestation. North Carolina is a beautiful state from the coast to the mou ... Read more

Fluctuating Work Week by R. Scott Alagood

Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE ... Read more

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