Homeowners' Association Law

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Homeowners Associations

Homeowners associations (HOA) are common in some single-family housing developments, as well as condominium and townhouse complexes. An HOA is the governing b...Read more

HOAs and Discrimination

Many condominiums and housing developments have homeowners associations (HOA) that set rules and regulations. HOAs must obey federal laws that protect certain...Read more

CC&Rs and Other Documents

Homeowners who live in a condominium or similar type of community are subject to the rules of the managing homeowners association. The Homeowner's Association...Read more

Homeowners' Association Law

Homeowners' Association Law

HOA Finances

Homeowners associations (HOA) are responsible for buying insurance that covers all public areas of a development. Individual homeowners need insure only their own units. HOA Master Insurance Po ... Read more

Disagreements with Your HOA

Homeowners associations (HOA) act as the governing bodies of some housing developments and condominiums. HOAs create and enforce rules for the community, such as property maintenance regulations and r ... Read more

Homeowners' Association Boards: Rights and Duties

Homeowners' Association Boards: Rights and Duties A homeowners' association (HOA) is a nonprofit corporation or unincorporated association the purpose of which is to manage a common interest real est ... Read more

Buying a House in the District of Columbia

There are few purchases in life as momentous as a buying a home, and few as stressful. While there are guidelines that all homebuyers should keep in mind, there are also some that vary across state li ... Read more

Homebuying in Hawaii

Houses are plentiful and interest rates have plummeted, making the American Dream affordable again. Make sure, though, that you're a practical homebuyer. Protect yourself with purchase agreements, ins ... Read more

Additional Homeowners' Association Law Topics

Additional Homeowners' Association Law Topics