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Selling Homes in New Mexico
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How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Work in Accident Cases?

If you get hurt at someone’s home, you could be eligible for compensation. However, many accident victims don’t know that. They’re not sure how to go about getting their money. They ... Read more

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FLSA Overtime Pay and the Employer’s Duty of Reasonable DiligenceUnless exempt, employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") must receive overtime pay for hours worked ov ... Read more

Can a contractor assert a mechanic’s lien right against the association and/or its members?

A contractor who performs labor or provides services or materials in connection with and at the request of an owner may assert a mechanics lien against that owner’s interest and not against the ... Read more

In a court action to enforce the CC&R’s, does the prevailing party recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs?

In a court action to enforce the CC&R’s, the prevailing party recovers reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. A court action must be filed in order to recover reasonable attorney’ ... Read more

What are the requirements for internal dispute resolution?

Internal dispute resolution is a mechanism by which a member and designated representatives of the board of directors of the association meet and confer at a mutually convenient time and place, e ... Read more

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