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State Condominium and Unit Property Information

Access the real property laws of your state dealing with condominiums, homeowners' associations, property owners' associations, time shares, and other unique forms of owning and sharing real property.

States Beginning with the Letter

- A through D
- F through I
- K through M
- N through O
- P through T
- U through W

A through D

- Alabama Uniform Condominium Act Select Title 53, Section 8 and 8A(35:8A)
- Alaska Common Interest Ownership Select Chapter 8
- Arizona Condominiums Title 33, Chapter 9
- Arizona Planned Communities Title 33 Chapter 16
- Arkansas Horizontal Property Laws Section 18-13-101 et seq.
- California Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act
- Colorado Condominium Ownership Act Title 38, Article 33
- Connecticut Common Interest Ownership Act
- Delaware Unit Property Act

F through I

- Florida Condominium
- Florida Cooperatives
- Florida Homeowners' Associations
- Florida Community Association Management
- Georgia Condominium Act (44-3-70 to 44-3-116)
- Georgia Property Owner's Association Act (44-3-220 to 235)
- Hawaii Cooperative Housing Corporations
- Hawaii Condominium Registration and Education (514a)
- Hawaii Time Sharing
- Idaho Condominium Property Act (55-15)
- Illinois Condominium Act
- Indiana Condominium Code
- Iowa Condominiums Scroll to Condominiums
- Iowa Timeshares

K through M

- Kansas Apartment Ownership Act
- Kentucky Horizontal Property Law (805 to 990)
- Louisiana Condominium Act Revised Statutes Sections 9:1121.101 et seq.
- Maine Unit Ownership Act
- Maine Condominium Act
- Maine Times Shares
- Maryland Condominium Act Click Maryland Code then Real Property then Title 11
- Maryland Time Shares Click on Maryland Code then Real Property then Title 11A
- Massachusetts Condominium Act
- Massachusetts Time-Shares
- Michigan Condominium Act
- Minnesota Condominium Act
- Minnesota Uniform Condominium Act
- Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act
- Mississippi Condominium Law
- Missouri Uniform Condominium Act
- Montana Unit Ownership Act

N through O

- Nebraska Condominiums Act
- Nevada Common Interest Ownership
- Nevada Condominiums
- Nevada Timeshares
- New Hampshire Condominium Act
- New Mexico Condominium Act (47-7A-D)
- New Mexico Time Shares (47-7D-5)
- New Jersey Condominium Act (46:8B-1 to 38)
- New Jersey Horizontal Property Act (46:8A-1 to 28)
- New Jersey Cooperative Recording Act (46:8D-1 to 18)
- New York Condominium Act Select RPP and then Article 9-B
- North Carolina Condominium Act
- Questions and Answers on Condos and Townhouses (47A)
- North Dakota Condominium Ownership
- Ohio Condominium Real Property, Title LIII, Chapter 5311
- Oklahoma Unit Ownership Estate Act (60-501 to 530)
- Oregon Planned Communities Act
- Oregon Condominium Act

P through T

- Pennsylvania Planned Community Act
- Pennsylvania Planned Communities-Creation, Alteration & Termination
- Rhode Island Condominium Ownership
- South Carolina Horizontal Property Act
- South Carolina Vacation Time Sharing Plans
- South Dakota Condominium (43-15A)
- South Dakota Time Share (43-15B)
- Tennessee Horizontal Property Regime (66-27)
- Tennessee Time Share (66-32)
- Texas Uniform Condominium Act Scroll to Title 7, Chapter 82
- Texas Property Owners Associations Scroll to Title 11, Chapter 209
- Texas Time Share Act Scroll to Title 12, Chapter 221

U through W

- Utah Condominium Ownership Act
- Vermont Condominium Ownership Act
- Vermont Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act
- Virginia Horizontal Property
- Virginia Condominium Act
- Virginia Property Owners' Association Act
- Virginia Time-Share Act
- Washington Condominium Act
- West Virginia Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (36B)
- West Virginia Condominiums and Unit Property
- Wisconsin Condominium Ownership
- Wyoming Condominium Act Search for "Condominium"

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