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Condominiums ("condos") and cooperatives ("co-ops") are forms of "common interest ownership" in real estate. Both are arrangements in which you and ot ... read more
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New Rules for Reverse Mortgages
For many retired homeowners, a reverse mortgage sounds like a good idea. Today’s retirees are less likely to have a pension or enough money saved for retirement. A reverse mortgage can turn your home into a source of income. The loans can be used for any purpose, but are often used for home modifications, ... Read more

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BGH: Bequests and relinquishing an inheritance

According to the Bundesgerichtshof’s (Federal Court of Justice) ruling of July 7, 2015, a bequest premised on renouncing an inheritance is not necessarily deemed to be a gift (X ZR 59/13). ... Read more

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Condo Owner Windfall of Over $500,000? Court Says “Not So Fast”The Missouri Court of Appeals ruled in a recent case that the unit owners of a condominium building were not entitled to e ... Read more

Can the Members of the association extend the term of the CC&R's?

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Can a contractor assert a mechanic's lien right against the association and/or its members?

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What is the difference between a Community Apartment Project, a Condominium Project, a Planned Development, and a Stock Cooperative?

A homeowners association is treated in many respects like a government agency because of the similarities between governmental agencies and homeowners associations. Damon v. Ocean Hills Journalism ... Read more

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