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What exactly is commercial real estate? Are there really that many differences between a commercial real estate deal and buying a house? What are some ... read more
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Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Investment Terms
If you own commercial real estate investments, there are a number of legal terms you should be familiar with. You don't need to become an expert, but an understanding of the language can help you decide whether you need the help of a lawyer. Common Area Maintenance When renting out commercial property, ... Read more

Sharing Land Ownership
The laws controlling real property ownership can be complex and specific. This is because land, and the improvements made to it, are valuable and unique. State laws provide different forms of ownership. Co-ownership or concurrent ownership is when more than one person owns land. Co-Ownership Types Three ... Read more

1031 Like-Kind Exchanges of Commercial Property
If you invest in commercial property that has appreciated in value, and are ready to cash in, you might owe a lot of income tax on this transaction. You can postpone income tax by making a "1031 like-kind exchange" instead of selling the commercial property. F irst you'll need to find someone who is ... Read more

Business Real Estate: Selecting a Good Lawyer
When you have a legal problem involving business or commercial real estate, know some basics about selecting a real estate law lawyer. Articles on can give you a good start, and help provide insight as you search for the right lawyer. Next, start building your list of candidates with the ... Read more

Leasing Commercial Real Estate
In business, the lease that controls your operating space can make or break you. The law does not offer a lot of consumer protection to business tenants. A commercial real estate lease is typically treated like any other contract between parties who should know what they are doing. Commercial Leases ... Read more

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It depends on the language in the contract. The language may not be included in that particular provision. It could be in a later section. In addition to statute of limitations, though, you have to co ...Read more

I've reviewed many commercial leases for tenants and I've had my changes accepted by the landlord.  These form leases that most landlords use usually do not fit the particular business of the ten ...Read more

Your rental agreement will control what your rights are.  If the landlord was to maintain the paint, then you can write a demand letter that the landlord pay for that expense.  

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The commercial real estate giant of Cushman & Wakefield is being sued for $40 million by a former female executive who claims the company discriminated against her on the basis of hergender and ag ... Read more

Fluctuating Work Week by R. Scott Alagood

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Real or forged will? - Ruling of the OLG Karlsruhe

According to the OLG Karlsruhe (Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe), if the authenticity of a will is disputed, it may be necessary for witnesses to be heard in addition to an expert assessment in ... Read more

Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate

Due diligence is the process and efforts a purchaser uses to inspect real property in order to be informed as to the details of the asset being purchased. Purchasers who fail to undertake a thorough i ... Read more

Mediation: A Texas Resolution by R. Scott Alagood

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