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What do the documents say? What was agreed to orally? What do you hope to force your brother and his wife to do? Discuss these things with a good local lawyer. Keep in mind that you agreed that his sh ...Read more

Document your concerns in a letter to the timeshare company and mail it certified or some way to confirm delivery.  Call the consumer fraud unit of the attorney general.  In truth, you are g ...Read more

Yes, if he has backed out of mediation, then you can go to arbitration.

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Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents Get Sued

In 2008, right before the housing market crashed, a middle-aged couple in Carlsbad, California sued their real estate agent for misrepresenting their home’s value. They bought the home for $1.2 ... Read more

Investing in the World of Real Estate

In Southern California, real estate investing seems about as commonplace as sunny days. As a young real estate attorney, it is something that I constantly hear about and therefore is constantly on my ... Read more

Real Estate Development in the NFL 0

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has recently unleashed his latest project – The Ford Center at The Star. The complex is a combination training facility, hotel, corporate office complex, retail ... Read more

Texas Property Taxation (Part Two)

There are two types of protests normally available to a homestead exempted property owner: (1) determination of the appraised value of the property; and (2) unequal appraisal of the owner’s prop ... Read more

Texas Property Taxation – Part One

The State of Texas’ power to tax does not come from the U.S. or Texas Constitution. It is an inherent power associated with the sovereignty of the state. On the other hand, the taxing power of T ... Read more

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