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Sorry, but I don't think you have much of a case unless you can somehow prove that they KNEW about the mold and purposely did nothing and told you nothing about it. That will be very hard to prove, an ...Read more

If you have no lease you do not have to give any notice.

This question is a bit more complex than it might initially appear because you are talking about giving the Tenant a new lease and also talking about raising te rent.  To be sure your rent increa ...Read more

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Texas Water Rights

According to the Texas Water Development Board (“TWDB”), Texas’ population is expected to increase from approximately 29.5 million to 51 million between 2020 and 2070.  Tex. Wat ... Read more

Percentage Rent: How it’s Calculated

Percentage Rent is intended to reward the Landlord for creating a successful retail environment wherein the Tenant exceeded a sales benchmark (“breakpoint”) establishing a level of profita ... Read more

New Opportunities for Credit Union Ownership of Real Estate

Proposed changes to NCUA’s rule on federal credit union (FCU) ownership of real estate and to the Massachusetts credit union parity rules, promise to open new areas of credit union investment in ... Read more

Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents Get Sued

In 2008, right before the housing market crashed, a middle-aged couple in Carlsbad, California sued their real estate agent for misrepresenting their home’s value. They bought the home for $1.2 ... Read more

Investing in the World of Real Estate

In Southern California, real estate investing seems about as commonplace as sunny days. As a young real estate attorney, it is something that I constantly hear about and therefore is constantly on my ... Read more

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