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You need to bring an ancillary proceeding in New York.  It should be a few thousand dollars including the actual deeds and transfer.  It is not required to have a lawyer but the fact you are ...Read more

You can complain to management about the health issues.

I am not sure who told you this, but there is no gift tax issue.  Buy the house in your names.  You got wrong advice. 

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Neighbor’s French-drain causing run-off onto my land

Q:  We have property issues with a French-drain system. My neighbor is running his French-drain run off in to my yard, was not to bad unit this past year they did some work on his house and put a ... Read more

Sharing Can Be Hard: The Risks of Distributed Work Space

When mother encouraged you to be nice and share with others she likely did not have office space in mind.  Otherwise, mother would have warned you that office space may only be shared with others ... Read more

New 2016 ALTA/NSPS Property Survey Table A Requirements

Effective February 23, 2016, the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors issued new Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for land title sur ... Read more

Residential Security Deposits Provide Protection for a Landlord, but There

On April 27, 2016, the ever-perilous legal landscape for Massachusetts residential landlords developed an additional potential pitfall. The statute governing residential security deposits, G.L.c. 186, ... Read more

Massachusetts Permit Session Jurisdiction Explained

On February 27th, the Massachusetts Appeals Court again held that certain land use appeals under Mass. G.L.c. 185, §3A, cannot be brought in Housing Court – they may only be brought in Supe ... Read more

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