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You are liable under the lease to pay rent. The fact that the house may be in foreclosure does not change that fact. These are factual issues that we can discuss. If you are interested in pursuing th ...Read more

It is an uphill fight.  You need to document these issues.  If you can record the noise, it is good also.  If you stop paying, you will be sued.  These are defenses, which may not ...Read more

You've got a complicated problem here for certain.  The buyers are residing in the home.  If the deal doesn't close, you have to figure out how to make them leave.  Hopefully they are p ...Read more

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When I sell, can the new owner get a more fair- market rent from my current

Q: I own property and buildings that I want to sell. The problem is, I have a business tenant on my property who has a long-term lease but only pays $1.00 per YEAR in rent. Obviously, no one is going ... Read more

Housing Development in Texas Cities: Up or Out?

When the Texas Population Projections 2010 to 2050 report was released by the State Demographer’s Office, several issues relating to urban planning and land use regulation suddenl ... Read more

What should I do? How can I get her name off the deed?

Q: I bought a home with my ex fiancé, then we broke up. Her name is on the deed but not the mortgage. I want her name off the deed. We agreed, over text, that I owe her $600 and she would take he ... Read more

Neighbor’s French-drain causing run-off onto my land

Q:  We have property issues with a French-drain system. My neighbor is running his French-drain run off in to my yard, was not to bad unit this past year they did some work on his house and put a ... Read more

Sharing Can Be Hard: The Risks of Distributed Work Space

When mother encouraged you to be nice and share with others she likely did not have office space in mind.  Otherwise, mother would have warned you that office space may only be shared with others ... Read more

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