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You can sell.  You'll have to pay the unpaid taxes from the proceeds of the sale.     Good Luck!

It's been my experience that many different investors do different types of wholesaling and every deal is different.  You'll probably need a custom contract or at least a custom tweaking of a con ...Read more

I wrote you a nice long answer, but this website is not working, and the support department is closed for the holiday until Monday. I got a 404 error message. Please call me at 510-286-2200. I apolog ...Read more

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Real Estate Litigation: When is a Gift of Real Property Valid?

In order for a gift of real property to be made there must be (1) intent on the part of the donor and (2) delivery of a deed, either actual or constructive. This gives rise to an important question: ... Read more

Real Estate Sales in Pennsylvania: Implied Covenants of Sellers

Real estate transactions are regulated under federal, state, and local law. One of the more interesting issues involves the handling of land contracts. While contracts provide different promises betwe ... Read more

A Common Question I Receive is "What are the rights of the decedent's surviving family?"

The Florida Bar states: "The decedent’s surviving spouse and children may be entitled to receive probate assets from the decedent’s probate estate, even if the decedent’s will g ... Read more

Working Together to Close on Your Home

Closing on a home can feel like a daunting task.  You may work with a realtor, an inspector, a surveyor, a banker, a title insurance agent, an insurance agent, and perhaps several other individua ... Read more


The commercial real estate giant of Cushman & Wakefield is being sued for $40 million by a former female executive who claims the company discriminated against her on the basis of hergender and ag ... Read more

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