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For Sale by Owner -- you will probably want an attorney or closing agent involved in some way.  Typically the seller is responble for preparing the deed and matters of title clearance.  If t ...Read more

An abstract of judgment is filed in the county where the debtor lives and will attach to all property owed by the debtor, including real estate.  If the debtor does not own the real estate, then ...Read more

No, but if the court has jurisdiction over the subject and individuals in the lawsuit, which is likely the case if we are dealing with real estate in California, you are going to need to appear in the ...Read more

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Is there a difference in between "joint tenants with right of survivorship "and "joint tenants.?"

Q: Is there a difference in Pennsylvania between "joint tenants" and "joint tenants with right of survivorship"? I am trying to determine how my mother’s property is title ... Read more

All You Have Ever Wanted To Know About What A Probate Asset is.

I get calls daily from potential clients wondering if they need to do a probate proceeding for their loved one. It depends on what the assets of the decedent were and how they were titled. The Florida ... Read more

Is a bill of sale legal for piece of land and how do I get the deed?

Q: The owner sold me part of his land and now he said he can't split. A: No one can answer that question on the limited information you have given. I would need to know much, much more. A real es ... Read more

Real Estate Communications Group:; "New Five-Year Incentive In Cook County Expands Availability Of Property Tax Relief," 9/16/14

What is the Class 7c Incentive? The Class 7c Incentive or Commercial Urban Relief Eligibility (“CURE”) is a new five-year commercial property tax Incentive in Cook County that is target ... Read more

Eviction Notices Required for the Holdover Tenant in Texas

In Texas, a landlord is sometimes faced with a tenant who "holds over" after the expiration of the lease term. In such event, the landlord wishing to regain possession of the leased premises ... Read more

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