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Try to negotiate a deed in lieu with mortgagee. Private lender usually don't want to sue. Note: a title search will have to show clean title other than mortgagees mortage. Also, this assumes there are ...Read more

If the property is in both your mom's and your Aunt's name, I'd suggest that you hire counsel to order a title search and prepare the Deed for you.  Until a Deed is executed and recorded in your ...Read more

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Solar Spotlight: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown

Those involved in the solar energy industry raised a glass during their holiday parties to toast the passage of the tax extenders bill on December 18, 2015, providing the platform for continued growth ... Read more

A Major Danger To Commercial Property Owners (And Their Lenders)

Almost all property owners’ insurance policies contain various endorsements covering such matters as rent insurance, business interruption, service interruption, liquor liability, flood and eart ... Read more

The Duties of a Trustee in Texas: An Overview

When you become a trustee of a trust in Texas, your job is to administer the trust, following the rules laid out in the trust and in the Texas Trust Code – and, if there are no rules in the trus ... Read more

Flood Water Drainage Rights Between Adjacent Landowners

Everyone knows that water flows downhill, but what are the legal ramifications when the flow is obstructed and property damage results? During flooding, conditions that historically allowed water to p ... Read more

Texas Water Rights

According to the Texas Water Development Board (“TWDB”), Texas’ population is expected to increase from approximately 29.5 million to 51 million between 2020 and 2070.  Tex. Wat ... Read more

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